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Some of our nearly 50 strong Broadcasters recently met up in the illustrious Ironworks studios in Gastown for the very first time as we prepared to launch PocketLIVE.tv to the world.

Much sushi, wine and beer later and our broadcasters were given the enviable chance to have a series of awesome pictures taken with renowned photographer Brice Ferre.Β 

Brice is a highly reputed expert and commercial photographer from France who is now based in Vancouver, British Columbia – the home of PocketLIVE.

His distinctive style was perfect for the rich, colorful style that represents the diversity of the PocketLIVE platform. And whats more,Β Brice had to undertake the challenge of shooting pictures for well over 20 of our broadcasters in various scenarios in just a few short hours – a tall order by any photographer’s standards, but his dedication to quality in a fast paced environment resulted in some stunning, vibrant and soulful pictures of our wonderful #pocketsquad that we couldn’t be happier sharing with you as we launch our blog right here on PocketLIVE.

What was this in aid of? Well, PocketLIVE believe in supporting creative talent, and with our Picture Party, we provided headshots as calling cards to our broadcasters to assist in their development. Keep your eyes peeled on the Launchpad page to see how we’re helping our broadcasters in different ways, because here at PocketLIVE, we believe our dedication to curated talent is what sets us apart.

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