Christine Bissonnette is the first broadcaster featured in our new “120 Seconds with…” interview series, which puts PocketLIVE’s best and brightest in the hot seat for two pulse-pounding minutes as we do our best to get to know them a little bit better (in just a little bit of time).

We couldn’t have picked a better person to kick us off than Christine a talented spoken word poet, writer, and actor whose empowered and reflective voice has already made her a favourite of the PocketLIVE community. It was over as soon as it began, but here’s what we found out. (Note: This interview has been edited slightly for clarity.)

Team PL: Where did you grow up?

Christine: I grew up in Sackville, Nova Scotia.

Team PL: Who (or what) has most influenced your work?

Christine: The French writers. My favourite book growing up was Anne of Green Gables, and Anne Shirley one of my favourite heroines – or not even heroines, characters. I just love her imagination, and I fancy myself as her.

Team PL: What’s a new thing you’ve learned recently?

Christine: I’ve learned how to make balloon animals.

Team PL: Where is your favourite place in the world?

Christine: France. France is my favourite place in the world.

Team PL: What’s a place that you never want to go back to?

Christine: Nova Scotia that’s a joke! [laughing] Umm gosh, there’s not a lot places [I wouldn’t want to go back to]. Maybe just Sackville, Nova Scotia Nova Scotia is really beautiful.

Team PL: What’s the first thing you remember writing?

Christine: A poem about bugs I wrote a poem about bugs when I was [in grade 4] and I still remember it, that started: “I hate bugs, slimy and green / I hate bugs that I see in my dreams”, and it ended in a funny way about a butterfly, and me being like, “oh shoot butterflies are bugs! ‘Scratch this poem I’ll throw it away / Those darn old bugs are here to stay!’”

Team PL: How many pennies do you think you could carry in one hand?

Christine: Thirty.

Team PL: What are you most proud of?

Christine: I am most proud of…that’s a hard question! What am I most proud of? I’m really proud of my voice I’m really proud of how I’ve developed my voice over the last 4 years. When I first moved to Vancouver I was really, really uncomfortable with my voice with the sound that it made, with the fact that it sometimes made a little bit of a shake, and I really started studying voice pretty heavily and trying to understand what my voice was, what it sounded like, what it wanted to say. I think I’m finally beginning to understand that, and really feeling like I love my sound, and really liking the feeling of sound of making sound and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come in terms of the ability to share my internal world.

Team PL: Tell us a joke!

Christine: Ugh! [laughing] Oh, damn it. Uhh…a joke. Okay. Oh God, I wish I paid attention when a friend was telling jokes recently! Uhh Knock knock!

Team PL: Who’s there?

Christine: Banana.

Team PL: Banana who?

Christine: Knock knock!

Team PL: Who’s there?

Christine: Banana.

Team PL: Banana who?

Christine: Knock knock!

Team PL: Who’s there?

Christine: Orange!

Team PL: Orange who?

Christine: Orange you glad I didn’t say banana. Oh noooo.

Team PL: Nice.

Christine: Thank you. [laughing]

Team PL: What can viewers expect to see in your broadcasts?

Christine: In my broadcasts I’m bringing people into my world as a writer, so you’ll get to see me writing live, and I’ll be sharing my process with you, [and] how I edit. I’m also bringing you in to meet some of my creative friends, so you can meet some of the creatives in the community, and we can talk about creative soul, about the things that inspire people creatively, and what creativity feels like not just where their ideas come from, but what it feels like to have ideas to begin with.

BZZzzzZZzZzZZZZZzZZttttt – that’s time!

This Thursday (December 8th), Christine is going to be broadcasting from the Safe Injection Comedy Fundraiser a night of comedy in support of The Overdose Prevention Society’s work providing pop-up safe injection spaces in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Tune in to PocketLIVE at 8:00PM PST to catch Christine’s live broadcast, where she’ll be sharing the performances and chatting with the talented comedians involved. Stop by and be a part of this great event! At the request of the performers, this broadcast can be viewed on PocketLIVE for one night only no replay will be available, so don’t miss out!

If you want to hear more from Christine Bissonnette, tune into her weekly broadcasts on PocketLIVE every Monday and Tuesday from 2-4PM PST, and Thursdays from 8-10PM PST. You can also check out her blog 9 Creative Lives, where Christine shares her poetry and thoughts, as well as fascinating interviews with other exciting creative talents.

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