It’s time for another #TryThisThursday on PocketLIVE! For the newbies among ya, every Thursday we encourage PocketLIVE streamers to try something new that they’ve always wanted to do, live! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself a little bit and have some fun with your broadcasts, so get creative (and be safe.)

To give your dabblings some direction, each week is usually themed – but not this time *RECORD SCRATCH*. This week, we’re going sans theme – all we want is to see you lovely people trying to do whatever you’ve always wanted to do, live (as long as it’s safe and legal.) Never drawn anything? Try doing a portrait of a stranger! Never performed a theatrical piece using no words or sounds, and only gestures/movements? Get mimin’, fella. Never seen the sun? Go outside (but don’t look at the sun, it’ll hurt.) Whatever you’ve never done (and want to do), go do it!

Share your streams on social media with #TryThisThursday and let us know it goes. If you’re nervous it won’t work out exactly as intended, be bold and give it a try anyway (that’s part of the fun!) Remember: if there’s one thing people love more than watching someone succeed despite the odds, it’s watching a stranger fail spectacularly (so there’s really no downside here.) Just pick something new, log onto PocketLIVE, and try it out! 

If you’re looking for an excuse to finally try that new thing you’ve been putting off (for waaaay too long),  start your very own PocketLIVE stream today and give it a shot!


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