We’re flipping tf out.

They’ve torn up trampoline parks, flipped bottles like nobody’s business, and once bravely tried to take extreme fidget spinning to even extremer extremes, but for their latest shenanigan…the Beau Bros are coming to PocketLIVE!

Starting tomorrow (Friday, June 23rd) at 1 PM PT, you can catch YouTube’s fave sibling duo streaming their antics live on PocketLIVE. To kick things off, they’re gonna be comin’ straight atcha with a good ol’ fashioned game of odds! The bros are going mano-a-mano to make each other do outrageous stuff, so get ready to have some fun. If you’re already a Beau Bros fan you know you can’t miss this, but if you haven’t caught Beau Bros Fever yet, just trust us – it’s gonna be crazy!


Don’t miss their first stream tomorrow, and if you want to keep up with the Beau Bros outside of PocketLIVE,  make sure you follow them all over social media!

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