JULIE VU IS BACK, PEOPLE. All the excitement’s put a song in our hearts, so sing along (or hum along, or read along if you’re in public) to the tune of:



Now this is a story all about how,

Our streams got lit and gained a crown

I’d like to take a minute just sit and jive

I’ll tell you how and when you can log in to find Julie LIVE

In the west coast of Canada born and raised,

On the internet, is where she spends most of her days

Chillin out, making her makeup all cool and all

Shootin’ some vlogs and content for y’all

When a couple of guys, they sure know what’s good

Started telling Julie that she really should

Get on one little app where she can really thrive

She said “OMG I can’t wait to stream on PocketLIVE”

Time to whistle and cheer coz the time is near

Princess Joules is going live at 5PM here

It’s everything, and I can say you have a chance to win

It’s legit #MaskMonday – FREE STUFF? I’M IN!

Just log in to your app about 5 PM Pacific Time

And yell to the chat room “YO HOMES I’M EXCITED!”

Look at your Missions and give the channel a share

To tell all your friends that they should really be there.


Don’t miss Julie Vu’s stream on PocketLIVE at 5 PM today.

If you need more Julie in your life (everyone does), you can also catch her all over social media! Check her out on:





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