Seriously. We’re stanning tf out over here.

Kalyn Nicholson is basically the definition of #goals. She’s funny, she’s fit, she’s fashionable, she’s Canadian, and as of this week she’s also a PocketLIVE streamer (how’s that for a quintuple threat?)

From meal prep and fitness tips to DIY tutorials and lifestyle advice, Kalyn does a ton of cool stuff and inspires millions of viewers while doing it. We LOVE Kalyn (and so do her zillions of fans), so we’re thrilled she’s gonna be sharing a glimpse into her world with us. We can’t wait to see what she brings to PocketLIVE!

If you live under a rock and somehow have no idea who Kalyn is, check out a sneak peek of what she’s all about below (be prepared to fall in love with her infectious positivity and all-around good vibes!)


Awesome, right? Now that you’re on the Kalyn Nicholson train (next stop: #goalsville), go check her out all over social media (and don’t miss her first stream on PocketLIVE this Thursday, June 22 at 1PM PT!)

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