VidCon 2017 is officially kicking off, and we’ll be in sunny Anaheim all week to show everyone how great PocketLIVE is. Our booth is gonna be bumping, so don’t be a stranger if you’re here too come hang! We’ve got crazy interactive experiences and huge giveaways ready to rock, so if you wanna get creative (and win big while doing it!) make sure you drop by. Bonus points if you manage to stream a member of Team Pocket at the PocketLIVE booth on your PocketLIVE channel (ideally with their hands in their pockets, eating a hot pocket, or doing anything else pocket-related).


PocketLIVE is tearing it up at VidCon 2017!


If you can’t make it to Anaheim for VidCon, don’t sweat it we’ll be streaming the fun on our official channel and have loads of cool things happening that you don’t need to be in California for. Along with awesome streams from Kalyn Nicholson, The Beau Bros, and all your fave PocketLIVE Stars, we’re dropping new Face Filters and Props all week – so keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of weird ‘n’ wonderful things!

Our  #ShareYourMoment contest is also in full swing, so don’t miss your shot at $10,000 in prizes – check out the entry page here for those sweet deets. Remember to get your entries in, or doom yourself to a life wondering how much better things could have been if you were suddenly way richer, on vacation, and holding a whole schwack of high tech streaming equipment.

Share your VidCon experience with the world on PocketLIVE!

Share your VidCon experience with the world on PocketLIVE!

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