Julie Vu’s Massive Beauty Giveaway is happening Monday the 10th July and we are so excited! To enter all you have to do is share the live stream starting 5pm PDT. Find out more about the prizes on Miss Julie Vu’s socials!

To get in the sharing spirit we thought we’d let you know some of our favorite Beauty Gurus from the online world.


Zoella has made her mark with her awesome videos which are so much more than just makeup and beauty. With her charm, contagious enthusiasm and hilarious antics, it’s no wonder she’s a fan favorite whos’ making the big bucks on YouTube AND Live Streaming. 

Picturresque Regina

This flawless and creative makeup artist mostly sticks to the gram these days, where her Sailor Moon interpretations got a lot of deserving attention. She gave each character a glow up and then some! Regina’s transformations are nothing short of brilliant!


The Makeup Show

The powerhouse duo of StyleTomes and StyleSprinter appeared exclusively on PocketLIVE to bring you New York Fashion Week and an awesome series full of trends and challenges. You can catch the replays here of course!


Teala Dunn

This girl is on fire! Beauty is a lifestyle for this stunner and she shows it all! The tea, the before and afters, the collabs, the challenges, the routines…you get the picture! We love her energy!

Princess Joules

Obviously, we can’t make a beauty fave’s list without the woman who inspired it all! We love having Julie Vu here on PocketLIVE streaming words of confidence and glamor across the world! Keep an eye out for her new line of lashes coming soon!

See you in her Stream!


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