Video content creators in a multi-platform world are having a moment. Things are changing faster than you can say ‘Vine’👻, and the competition faced by creators on traditional platforms like YouTube makes it harder than ever to break through.

But for those struggling to carve an audience in a crowded marketplace, there’s a silver lining.  A major shift is underway in both the platforms favored by audiences as well as the kind of content they consume. A recent Tubular Insights report showed consumption of video on mobile has risen over 2000% in 5 years. And another study from New York Magazine found that Live Streaming content boasted 81% annual growth in 2016, with 2017 poised to be even bigger.

So what does this mean for emerging and current content creators like The Beau Bros and  Roman Atwood?
In a word, opportunity.

As more big brands move into the space,  and new apps launch and grow, influencers are scrambling capitalize on a changed reality: audiences want their video content to be social.

To help streamers get started with sure-fire ways to grow their audience in the world of LIVE, we’ve made a series of unmissable videos with OUTTV Star Josh Rimer, and PocketLIVE’s streamer from the start, Tainya, who talk through some of the key points in becoming a successful streamer.

So if you’re looking to break out as a social video superstar, follow these hints and don’t forget to check out one of the fastest-growing live streaming apps to put your new-found skills into practice!

Tip One: Build a Brand with promotion & Scheduling. 

Live streaming is different from traditional video. It’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ affair,  so it’s really important to educate your audience on when they can expect you.

Scheduling and structuring a streaming plan, and keeping to it = essential if you want to build your audience. Sure, you can surprise your subscribers once in a while with ad-hoc streams, but if they know you’ve got a “Stunts Saturday” every week, then you’ll build hunger, anticipation, and buzz for your returning content.

TV Can Teach you Something

And since you don’t have the ads budget of live TV events like the Oscars, the next step is being clever in how and where you promote your stream. Time-sensitive ads, giveaways, social media shouts at the right time (just when you’re going live) and attractive and enticing headlines are all helpful here. For example, “I will be streaming again this Saturday” tells a viewer nothing, but “This Saturday. A BIG surprise, ONLY on my Live Stream, 4 PM PT!” educates with key info, excites with buzzy reveals and engages with a key USP of live content – The FOMO.

Once viewers actually join your stream, make sure they know that they’ll be your sharing squad; by sharing your stream, you’ll recognise their dedication and loyalty. This builds trust and relationships with the people who can make or break you.

Tip Two: Respect Your Audience (It’s Not All About You.)

Knowing your audience is fundamental to success in any content creation. Take time to understand what they want, and recognize that streaming is about the connection and friendships you can form with your audience more than it is about what you have to say. This is a space where conversation is the keyword and your focus should be on how you make audiences feel special and valued whilst providing insight to your life in a way that is comfortable and natural.

Streamers like YouTube influencer Kalyn Nicholson have that personal connection down, and she shows that streams don’t have to be multi-million dollar productions. She keeps it real and remembers the names of her fans and followers.

Networking is Everything

Like building any other social media profile, you should remember the community of other streamers will be huge allies in growing your notoriety. Shout-out to the wider community on the platform and spend time making friends with other streamers. In your own stream, do remember who’s showing the love the most, those people will expect acknowledgment if you want their continued support and don’t forget to recommend fellow streamers.

Mix in Buzz-Worthy Streams

The last point goes without saying – creating compelling, engaging live streams is absolutely key to building buzz-worthy moments. So push the boundaries and don’t make every stream the same. You wanna make memorable moments that keep the conversation about your streams going, even in other streams and platforms.

Tip Three: It’s a Social Platform. 

Making your profile on live streaming platforms pop is another important part of building a professional image as a live-streamer. Ensuring your presentation is tight is a strategic decision that increases the likelihood that platforms will promote your stream, as well as showing your viewers that you’re the not just another flash in the pan. Perception is everything in social media brand building, and live-streaming is no exception. Many aspiring streaming influencers make the mistake of thinking that ‘being casual’ is an excuse to do next to nothing – which couldn’t be further from the truth. True streaming stars put time, energy and effort in.

Tip Four: Make Money.

A key motivator for Instagram and YouTube content creators is the prospect of ongoing content monetization. But once shares have been taken, or MCNs get involved, the necessary viewership to make things profitable can runs into the millions.

Once again, with Live Streaming, the economics are a different ball game.

Here, volume of viewership matters less than engagement of those viewers. As such, a streamer with 50 viewers on a stream can make more than one with thousands watching if the audience is more engaged and sending more valuable virtual gifts. With the ‘Props ‘system on PocketLIVE, you can monetize via gifts, or you can encourage your fans to become part of your VIP Squad, a monthly membership option that allows steady and reliable income generation and a special relationship with your top supporters.

Platform Loyalty

Additionally, most of the major live platforms, ours included, boast a curated ‘Star Streamer’ program, where the most dedicated and popular stars gain access to advantageous shares of their gifts or financial support and focused development. So it pays to keep pushing your monetization higher and higher each and every month.

Tip Five: Be Heard

Irreverent comedy aside, being heard on your stream might seem like a basic, but investing in this space really helps sell that you’re a pro. A small microphone can be purchased for less than $20. So there’s no excuse to leave your viewers struggling to hear you – because guess what? They’ll leave and go watch a stream they can hear. In Live Streaming, you’re also in live competition. And it can be brutal.

Tip Six: Be Seen

So if people can hear you, can they also see you? Sound stupid? Well, ask yourself how many live streams have you visited that seem like they were a potato’s interpretation of Paranormal Activity? Streaming in the dark from your bed might seem like a fun, casual way for you to pass time, but to your audiences, it shows that you DGAF.

Your streams don’t have to be a studio production, but like Mariah Carey, remaining aware of your light wherever you go is non-negotiable for live streamers who’re serious about it.

Bonus Secret Tip: Be Dedicated.

PocketLIVE broadcasters learning the finer points of live streaming!


This tip doesn’t have a video, but it is probably the most essential tip of all – live streamers who’ve made it big already share one key secret weapon. They are super, uber, dedicated.

To become a top streamer, popping on once a week isn’t going to cut it. Just consider the countless hours that YouTube influencers spend shooting, editing, grading and uploading their creations – top streamers spend a similar amount of time Live.

Through being a constant destination on a platform and exposing your stream to wider, broader audiences, growth becomes inevitable. And who knows, if you stick at it, you could become the PewdiePie of Live.🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

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