On July 24th at 6pm PST PocketLIVE’s favorite Australian Hans Bruechle (A.K.A. Handbrake) will be streaming a live, collaborative painting experiment! Accompanied by another talented Perth artist, So Fresh Peche (Aka Dipesh Prasad); Hans is going to be taking viewer suggestions to create a one-of-a-kind piece that has the PocketLIVE community’s freaky paws all over it. Terrible at art but full of good ideas? This is your moment.

hans bruechle

Hans’ Hands will be drawing whatever your imagination dictates!

It’ll be a little like that pottery scene in Ghost when Patrick Schwayze guides Demi Moore’s hands to make a beautiful vase, except Hans and Peche will both be Demi, there’ll be a bucketload of Schwayzes guiding their hands, and Unchained Melody probably won’t be playing in the background.

Amongst the famous fans of his art is Dan Aykroyd of every-great-movie-ever fame, who owns some of Hans’ masterworks; and he’s on the verge on creating his biggest ever wall mural – an epic 60 meters long. That’s something we can’t wait to see being streamed.

We chatted with Hans for a few minutes to learn a little more about the project from the man himself so read on and get excited!

An Interview With Hans Bruechle

What inspired this idea?

The whole idea is to get the viewers actually involved with the creation of a piece of art by having their input into the content. Art is traditionally something that is created in a studio somewhere and then appreciated in its final form, you rarely get to see a piece come to life and even more rare is having a say as to what the piece is. We’re inviting viewers to not only watch us create an intense, detailed painting but to be a part of the process not simply watching from the outside in.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

Yes. I’ve streamed a smaller version of this idea where viewers could tell me what they wanted to be included in the final painting by donating tips on Pocketlive. It was a lot of fun and a great way to interact with my viewers!

What materials are you planning on using?

We’ll be painting on a huge wooden board using aerosol, acrylic paint, markers, and anything else we think could look awesome.

Who’s your favorite artist working today (other than yourself)?

I love the South American duo Mulheres Barbadas (The Bearded Ladies), Shepard Fairey (you probably know him as Obey), and the amazing aerosol artist Smugone. But that said, I do spend a lot of time appreciating the work of no-name artists online who may not be well-known but are creating some incredible pieces! Pinterest FTW.

Any early predictions of what the viewers will come up with?

No idea but that’s the whole point. Hopefully not too many dick and balls.
There you have it, folks. Stay away from the dicks and balls.
To get your creative juices flowing in the run-up, don’t forget to check out their work. You can see Hans’ design work here. If you want to keep up with Hans outside of PocketLIVE, follow him all over social media:


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