The word alone strikes either joy or pure, unadulterated fear into the hearts of the masses. Especially if, like me, you dance like an awkward boyfriend swaying at a Sarah McLachlan concert.

But why let wedding receptions make you sweat, or nights out on turn to Murder on the Dancefloor? Thanks to Vancouver-based choreographer Nathan Fadear, you don’t have to endure a tango of terror or a sickly samba anymore!

PocketLIVE streamer Nate shares his easy tips to how you can look slick AF with minimal dance experience. We’ve promoted Nathan to the ‘Life-Saving Emergency Services’ category for his valiant efforts to save us from one more night of dancing like a 1920s flapper on acid.

In the video above, Nate talks us through how to keep it simple and sharp, what the most important moves to master are, and how you can keep yourself looking good – even if you’re mucking it up!

But Wait, there’s more!

Some lucky PocketLIVE streamers were able to get an even more in-depth lesson from Nate, for free, as part of PocketLIVE’s Masterclass series. Check out the cheeky choreo taking Micachu, Eliza Smith and Beckie through the steps. Empowerment faces fully on in this vid!

After Nate’s masterclass and tips videos, the dance deficient amongst us can now easily fake it till we make it…or at least fake it enough that people will stop asking us if we need urgent medical care when trying to do the robot.

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