Aaaaaand we’re back.

We’re back from VidCon 2017, and IT. WAS. LIT. Our booth was a hit, we met loads of cool people, we partied it up, we broke it down, and we streamed the whole thing live. We showed the good people of VidCon what the PocketLife is all about, and they loved it. People went nuts streaming with PocketLIVE’s face filters against our booth’s green screen, and the world watched along in awe (we can only hope that pandas reading the evening news will be an everyday thing in the not-too-distant future). 

At the end of the day though, the best part of the whole experience was finally getting to meet some of the lovely faces of the PocketLIVE community in the flesh (d’awwwww). If you dropped by, thanks for saying hey! We miss you already and hope your {flight/train/bus/walk/bike ride/drive/jog/transpacific cruise} home was {safe/fun/enjoyable/fast/shipwreck-free}. See you all soon, and don’t be strangers!

Check out the gallery below to see some of our fave moments from our time at VidCon, and let us know if you see yourself!


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VidCon may be over, but our #ShareYourMoment contest is still going full force. If you haven’t entered yet, get on it before July 15th! It couldn’t be easier to enter and the prizes are HUGE, so don’t play yourselves – check out the contest page here to get in on the action.

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