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Michael Morgan

Michael is a digital content writer, producer and editor. Having worked in major television productions and online multi-platform content, he has a passion for understanding audiences and catering to their specific needs with creativity at heart.

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It’s Official: Our Support Rocks.

By On July 18, 2017

At PocketLIVE, we work hard to make sure that our users have the most amazing live-streaming experience and support out there. How do we do this? Simple. We employ an army of truly adorable hamsters with supernatural abilities and who keep remarkably chill under pressure. Just kidding. We do so with an industry-beating moderation and support…

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5 Crazy Live Stream Moments!

By On July 13, 2017

PocketLIVE may well be the home of the wild ways of online celebs the Beau Bros, who's hilarious antics include some trampoline stunts we wouldn't necessarily try at home, but what about all of the other crazy live stream moments that have happened all over the interwebz? Live streaming is, after all, a window into people's lives, and that…

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Easy Hacks to Dance Like a Pro [VIDEO]

By On July 7, 2017 The word alone strikes either joy or pure, unadulterated fear into the hearts of the masses. Especially if, like me, you dance like an awkward boyfriend swaying at a Sarah McLachlan concert. But why let wedding receptions make you sweat, or nights out on turn to Murder on the Dancefloor? Thanks to Vancouver-based choreographer Nathan Fadear,…


Live Streaming 101: Secrets You NEED to be a LIVE sensation.

By On May 9, 2017

Just like the iconic Ms. Britney Spears once said, "You want a hot live-streaming following? You want social media celebrity? You wanna top the PocketLIVE Charts? You better work, human!" Okay, so maybe we're not great at remembering song lyrics, but we ARE great at getting excited about Live Streaming. And with our brand-spanking new series of…

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PocketLIVE Spotlight On: Donna Bee

By On May 4, 2017

Love talent? Love live music? Love powerhouse vocals? Well, introducing Donna Bee - our latest featured broadcaster on PocketLIVE! The definition of a triple threat, Vancouver-based Donna is an actress, singer and a model. She's fresh on PocketLIVE to share her world of exciting, engaging and often musical moments with her fans, and we at the…