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Easy Hacks to Dance Like a Pro [VIDEO]

By On July 7, 2017 The word alone strikes either joy or pure, unadulterated fear into the hearts of the masses. Especially if, like me, you dance like an awkward boyfriend swaying at a Sarah McLachlan concert. But why let wedding receptions make you sweat, or nights out on turn to Murder on the Dancefloor? Thanks to Vancouver-based choreographer Nathan Fadear,…

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Live Streaming 101: Ep 5 – Audio Tips

By On June 13, 2017

So far, we've talked about showing up, engaging your audience, and looking your best - but now we need to get all technical on your asses. You know when you're sitting down to watch the finale of 13 Reasons Why or Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale and someone in the kitchen starts blending a berry,…

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Live Streaming 101: Ep 4 – Monetize Your Stream

By On May 29, 2017

In this latest installment of our Live Streaming 101 Saga, we're talking money. Dollar. Coin. Cheddar. Paper. Spondulix (it's a word!) Let's face it, we love to Live-stream. It's our passion, right? (this is where you nod in agreement) BUT, how awesome would it be to actually monetize it? Making a living from your hobby…

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Live Streaming 101: Ep 3 – Profile Perfection

By On May 25, 2017

Three is the magic number for the next episode of PocketLIVE's Live Streaming 101 series. And our third installment is all about first impressions. We just know you're an online chameleon and have a plethora of social media platforms alongside your PocketLIVE stream. You've (hopefully) spent time nurturing this, making them look pretty and alluring…

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Live Streaming 101 -Ep 2: Engagement

By On May 16, 2017

Didn't you just LOVE last week's PocketLIVE debut episode on effective Live-Streaming? Have you been unable to sleep all week, waiting for the sequel? Well, much like Harry Styles' totes amaze new album, it has arrived! JoshRimer and Tainya are back in front of the camera for Ep Two. By this stage, you should have…


Live Streaming 101: Secrets You NEED to be a LIVE sensation.

By On May 9, 2017

Just like the iconic Ms. Britney Spears once said, "You want a hot live-streaming following? You want social media celebrity? You wanna top the PocketLIVE Charts? You better work, human!" Okay, so maybe we're not great at remembering song lyrics, but we ARE great at getting excited about Live Streaming. And with our brand-spanking new series of…