Announcements / Live Streamers

The Beau Bros Are Bouncing into PocketLIVE!

By On June 22, 2017

We're flipping tf out. They've torn up trampoline parks, flipped bottles like nobody’s business, and once bravely tried to take extreme fidget spinning to even extremer extremes, but for their latest shenanigan...the Beau Bros are coming to PocketLIVE! Starting tomorrow (Friday, June 23rd) at 1 PM PT, you can catch YouTube’s fave sibling duo streaming their antics…

Announcements / VidCon

We’re Getting Our VidCon On!

By On June 21, 2017

IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE! VidCon 2017 is officially kicking off, and we’ll be in sunny Anaheim all week to show everyone how great PocketLIVE is. Our booth is gonna be bumping, so don’t be a stranger if you’re here too – come hang! We've got crazy interactive experiences and huge giveaways ready to rock,…


PocketLIVE Featured in Recovery Illustrated Magazine

By On June 19, 2017

Petra Hoffmann (A.K.A. Petrabilities) is featured in the July issue of Recovery Illustrated Magazine! Check Petra's article out below to learn more about her PocketLIVE journey and hear from other great streamers like Rebecca Chalon, Josh Rimer, Jacques Lalonde, Brodie Marples, Peter Rocco, and T@nuj!   If you want to see more from Recovery Illustrated…

Live Streamers / Videos

Live Streaming 101: Ep 5 – Audio Tips

By On June 13, 2017

So far, we've talked about showing up, engaging your audience, and looking your best - but now we need to get all technical on your asses. You know when you're sitting down to watch the finale of 13 Reasons Why or Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale and someone in the kitchen starts blending a berry,…


5 Reasons You Should Go to VidCon 2017

By On June 9, 2017

We’ve been going VidCon crazy here at PocketLIVE. The big show is right around the corner, and between prepping our awesome booth and fine-tuning our massive giveaways (and generally making sure all our ducks are in a row), it’s all go all the time at PocketLIVE HQ. So far in our VidCon 2017 blog series,…

Events / Onsite Event

Try Something New for This Week’s Try This Thursday!

By On June 7, 2017

It's time for another #TryThisThursday on PocketLIVE! For the newbies among ya, every Thursday we encourage PocketLIVE streamers to try something new that they’ve always wanted to do, live! It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself a little bit and have some fun with your broadcasts, so get creative (and be safe). To give your…

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